"This is my 6th year having pilates.

I attended different classes at several locations (worldwide), while the Westhill one remains to be my favourite.

Here's why:  

  • Friendly and experienced instructors
  • Pilates instructor and physiotherapist all-in-one (she will ensure you have the right technique and that exercises are appropriate for your condition) answered my many back-pain questions and saved me from doctors appointment
  • Instructor will ensure that you work at the appropriate level (you have an option to pick beginner class or work out at advanced level)
  • Choice to exercise while pregnant or get back in shape after having your baby
  • Morning or evening classes to suit your daily routine
  • Working with different equipment
  • Classes follow school calendar
  • Always something new coming to repertoire
  • Classes are booked in blocks which keeps you from giving up
  • Great way to take a friend and work out together

It might feel hard at beginning, until you learn the right posture and breathing, but be persistant and you will be pleased with the results. You will enjoy the classes more each time!" Angelica

"I've been going now for 8 years and can really say Pilates does a lot for your body tone and shape.  I can’t imagine what state I would be in with all my wee niggles if I hadn’t  gone to Pilates.  

If there are areas you have concerns about, just ask Annette and she can help you sort out those nasty, niggly body aches you thought you’d never get rid of."  Gwen xx

"Thanks to Pilates my “Mummy Tummy” has shrunk and toned-up dramatically. So now I’ve gone from cringing in front of the mirror to “Hey, not bad for 3 kids later!" Amanda

"It’s amazing how quickly the exercises develop your core strength. At first you think you'll never be able to some of the advanced moves but give it a while and you’re there! I’ve been going for 6 years and love how the classes are kept up to date with new moves and equipment - you never get bored! I love the workout I get from the cardio class!" Jennifer B

"I find Pilates very beneficial as I have to stand for most of the day at work. I tend to suffer some back pain but Pilates has improved my posture and core strength so that my back has improved considerably." Fiona C