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We have a variety of matwork classes from beginners to advanced levels, please contact us directly with your level of Pilates experience for suitable classes.

  • All matwork classes will add small equipment eg. toning balls, magic circles, foam rollers, exercise bands, etc throughout the block so all participants can add to their Pilates repertoire.

  • Pilates for Men - Men only class mixed level matwork using small equipment.

  • Healthy HIT Pilates - A combination of High Intensity Training (HIT) Principle 30/40 minute workouts with fitness test weeks one and six.  Fast, Furious and Fun!

  • Cardio Pilates - Fun low impact exercises with weights building up a sweat! then moving onto improvers level matwork exercises - not suitable for those with injuries.

  • Ante-natal Pilates - small groups of six, contact us for more information.

  • Post-natal baby can be taken to class until crawling.  No creche required, please contact us for more information.

Morning Classes

Evening Classes

Booking and Payment

Classes run between 6-10 weeks at a cost £8 per class.

Ante-natal class £10 per class.

Blocks payable in advance.

1-1 sessions available to be arranged at a mutually convenient time, cost for one hour is £40.


Alternatively, we are available for private hire for bespoke Pilates classes.


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